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Live music
I often sing and play for others, fulfill musical wishes and love accompanying important events in life, such as weddings, birthdays or company parties.
Often I am booked as a solo act (singing + alternating self-accompaniment to piano, guitar and percussion). However, a core network of high-talented musician colleagues allows me to approach each request individually and flexibly in consultation with the customer, so that many other ensemble constellations, small or large, are also possible.
The repertoire also remains flexible, with a span of hundreds of songs between international pop covers, jazz standards, Latin standards and my own songs in Spanish. Do not hesitate to contact me!

Studio jobs
Since the age of 15, I have lent my voice to numerous studio productions of various kinds (mainly in Spanish). Backing vocals, TV series, TV spots, audiobooks, audio material for textbooks, movies, productions for well-known artists … Working in the studio is one of the most exciting and rewarding of all jobs for me. I work with LogicProX and my own studio condenser microphone.

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