introducing my band #1

In December 2019 I’m going to the studio with my quintet (I always name it „Band“). We’re going to record our first album together (the second album with my music and my name on it. Check out the first one). And with that goal I’m running a CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN ->

Julian’s first gig was at the age of 10. He played some Udo Jürgens music for a neighbour on her 66th birthday. Alright!

Today I want to talk about the tallest guy in the band: Julian Bossert
He plays alto saxophone, flute and clarinet. The way he listens and reacts to the stories told in my music is a gift to the songs and a joy for the listener.

He was born in 1988 in Pforzheim, studied Jazz Saxophone at the „Hochschule“ in Nürnberg and on his way as a musician he has already made A LOT of wonderful things with a lot of wonderful people. Check out his discography, his current projects and the Julian Bossert Trio!

Julian is the only one in the band that I’ve known for less than 10 years. Actually we met just 2 years ago, as I was reconstructing my project and needed somebody to hop on a first gig and who could play flute, clarinet and saxophone. I’m very glad I asked him!

Go check out Julian’s website and his facebook-site!

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